Our Actions

We bases our daily life in the Amazon jungle on a holistic vision:

We would like to preserve and promote the Shipibo culture through cultural exchanges with the Nueva Betania community. Their artistic creativity  and the relationship they have with the environment are at the core of our exchanges.

We would like to share Shipibo cosmic vision and way of life but also to introduce them to a green development and to alternatives methods of the ones they are currently using (for waste,…).

We will have the pleasure to share moments together to eat, to heal, play music, enjoy nature, make native handcrafts or simply talk among friends and different populations and generations.

We want to live a natural, simple and independent way of life, which respects  the environment and the Indian traditions. We sow, reforest, harvest and love the forest, our source of life.

We turn to agro forestry and an organic, sustainable type of agriculture, with no use of chemicals in any of our fields, vegetable or botanical gardens.

We want to minimize as much as possible the environmental and social impact that may be caused by the arrival of a group of foreigners in the community. We attempt to process or recycle our waste as far as possible.

We eat local and seasonal foods, mainly what we can get from the forest, the river, our fields and vegetable garden. Our food is mainly composed of fish, rice, root vegetables, vegetables, seeds and fruits. And all this prepared on a wood fire! Our drinks are made from fresh fruit, cereals and raw sugar.

We have plenty of relaxing moments but also intense physical efforts which allow us to detox the body and stay healthy.

Most diseases can be treated with herbal medicine which is our main path to recovery.

We try to learn as much as we can about plants, herbs and their properties not only as a cure,  but also to prevent illness. The traditional Shipibo medicine is so big that we never stop discovering new herbs and learning about new remedies.

Art is an integral part of Shipibo daily life. The Kene (the famous Shipibo design) adorns almost all Shipibo confections: textiles, bags, paintings, clothes,… We also make crafts with local materials (seeds, fibres, feathers, bark,…).

Drawing and painting Shipibo world are activities that help to open mind and grow as a person and a group. We love spending nights playing music long to the river or at home with our big family mosquito net with all kinds of acoustic instruments (quena, flute, guitar, …).