Nueva Betania

Nueva Betania is a Shipibo indigenous community located along the Alto Ucayali River in the province of Coronel Portillo, Ucayali Region. Near the Brazilian border, it is accessible by going up the river in a “Peke Peke” (small wooden boat with motor) for 4 or 5 hours from the city of Pucallpa. Since a couple of years, it is also possible to travel to Betania by speed boat (less than two hours).

Nueva Betania covers almost 2000 hectares and its village has about 100 families. Its population lives from agriculture, animal husbandry and hunting. The women also make handicrafts and have now small grocery shops.

The community was founded in 1970 by some families: Tangoa, Lopez, Valles and others who obtained the title to their land that same year.

Its tranquility and peace fascinate all who enter its land. Shipibo people live in a traditional way in harmony with nature but also like to learn and experiment about occidental way of life. Full of smiles and life, the village shines with magic and dreams…